40 things I’ve learnt over the last 40 years

by Apr 30, 2020

  1. Hangovers don’t get any better with age
  2. Small children don’t like to lie in, regardless of what time you keep them up until
  3. Old friends know you almost as well as you know yourself
  4. Working 9-5 (or 6 or 7) doesn’t mean you are your most productive self
  5. I appreciate and look for different qualities in friends as I get older
  6. If I could bottle confidence and have just a dab at times of challenge, I could have reduced a lot of anxiety over the last 30 years
  7. Just because someone is good at selling themselves, it doesn’t make them better at doing the job
  8. Sometimes you have to just put your fears aside and get back on the rollercoaster (literally: Lightwater Valley, 2019)
  9. Having a supportive mentor and friend in the world of freelance work can be an absolute lifesaver
  10. You don’t have to know or understand someone’s past decisions in order to love them
  11. Eating a banana every day isn’t going to make you like them if you didn’t like them in the first place
  12. The impact of mental health is monumentous, all consuming and like a tornado causing devastation in its wake. Just being there to support someone through it and after it is sometimes all you can offer
  13. Monumentous isn’t a real word but it should be as sometimes it’s exactly the right work to use
  14. Children need you less as they get older and become independent but they still need you, just differently
  15. Pulling out grey hairs doesn’t make them disappear
  16. Getting sick pay, holiday pay and pension options from your employer are a huge benefit and should be valued accordingly
  17. Running continues to be hard and is such a psychological head-wrecker
  18. Some people in life just won’t like you, and nothing you can do will change that, and actually that’s okay
  19. Listening to murder podcasts whilst running in semi-isolated places, is a good way to scare yourself and distort the number of actual murderers versus dog walkers/cyclists/runners you are passing
  20. A pandemic bring out a kindness in places you’ve never seen before
  21. Determination is a trait I admire more and more as I get older
  22. Kindness is another
  23. Don’t try to pack your bags directly at the till when being served by an Aldi ninja as you won’t win
  24. Sometimes people will choose to disappear from your life and you have no control over their choices
  25. Living on my own taught me a lot about myself and made me realise I could do things I’d never had to do before and that I was braver than I thought
  26. Smiling at someone whilst walking past them costs nothing and makes you (and probably them) feel instantly better
  27. Listening is important to two-way friendship
  28. Cats destroy your furniture
  29. Networking doesn’t have to be putting yourself into a room of people you don’t know and selling yourself
  30. Happy clients or customers are your biggest ally
  31. Feeling attractive is about so much more than what you look like
  32. Laughing at yourself is sometimes the best way to deal with something
  33. Giving up caffeine is a feat never again to be repeated
  34. Being comfortable with silence is a skill all by itself
  35. There are two types of managers; those that put you down and those that build you up. If you have one of the latter ones, appreciate them
  36. However senior they become, people are just people – doing their best, juggling their lives, dealing with their own stuff and not really any different to anyone else
  37. Asking for help is okay
  38. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination – it depends on who you are travelling with
  39. Being scared to try something shouldn’t be enough of a reason not to do it
  40. Life is beautiful, sometimes challenging but full of goodness, kindness and joy. Not everyone gets the chance to live it to their full potential or for as long as others. For those of us that can, we should appreciate it and the people we are lucky enough to share it with every day

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