Internal Communications

Empowering your employees


Building an informed, loyal workforce

Whilst we all know that customers are king, your employees should also be right up there on your list of priority audiences.

Having happy and appreciated staff members is hugely beneficial to your business both in terms of cost-savings but also in terms of reputation and loyalty. An employee that feels valued, is willing to go that extra mile and will be one of your greatest ambassadors. An employee that feels devalued and demotivated will be the opposite. This is especially true in times of uncertainty and change.

Having clear and consistent communications in place to talk to your employees or initiate a two-way conversation is one of the ways in which you can make your staff feel empowered. Whether that’s through a monthly e-newsletter, an intranet with staff benefits or a campaign around rewarding their successes.

I can work with you to define what your internal communications should look like and then help you to deliver it. If this is put in place as part of a longer term plan, you will be on your way to creating an informed and loyal workforce.

Internal Communications - Laura Thackray

Having happy and appreciated staff members is hugely beneficial to your business both in terms of cost-savings and loyalty.

Client Success

Employee workshops

I worked with a business to run a workshop for employees to gain their input into organisational changes being made. Providing employees with a voice and allowing for their feedback to be heard was an important part of making them feel valued during a period of uncertainty. Some of their ideas were built into how the changes could be successfully rolled out to the wider organisation.

Employee workshop Laura Thackray

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Using the right content to talk to the right people is key to achieving your goals.

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Securing press coverage, singing your praises and reaching new audiences through the media.

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Internal Communications

Helping you create an informed and loyal workforce through clear and consistent communications.

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