Branding and Messaging

Creating your organisation’s lifeblood.

Consistency is key

A clear and consistent look, feel and ethos for your business is important if you want to be taken seriously.

A strong brand should work as the lifeblood running through every strand of your organisation and with the aim of motivating, persuading and inspiring your customers to want to buy from you because they believe in what you do.

Defining your values, having key messages in place and using clear language to talk about what you do all works towards creating your brand and positioning you as the consummate professional with whom your customers and clients want to work.

I work with businesses to help them define their brand, putting key messages in place and developing the framework and guidelines for it to be used consistently across the business.

Branding and Messaging - Laura Thackray

Defining your values, having key messages in place and using clear language to talk about what you do all works towards creating your brand.

Client Success

Global brand management

I worked with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to develop a brand centre for a global audience. This included creating key messages and brand guidelines as to how to use the brand consistently and working with different regions training them on how to use it effectively. I delivered an online platform so that global members could access artwork able to be tailored into different languages, whilst protecting the integrity of the brand. The creation and implementation of this strategic approach resulted in a huge increase of brand consistency across the globe.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award brand guidelines

My Services


Creating sparkling and tailored content that can deliver huge results for your business.

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Content Management

Using the right content to talk to the right people is key to achieving your goals.

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PR and Media

Securing press coverage, singing your praises and reaching new audiences through the media.

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Marketing Strategy

Delivering real results with a well planned marketing strategy aligned to your business goals.

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Branding and Messaging

Defining your brand and developing your messaging to ensure you have a consistent brand identity.

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Web Content

Delivering SEO-friendly content to help your website appear higher in search engine rankings.

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Marketing Support

Acting as an extra member of your team by providing marketing support in your office or working remotely.

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Internal Communications

Helping you create an informed and loyal workforce through clear and consistent communications.

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Telling Stories

Distilling your passion, defining your story and putting it into a language that your customers will relate to.

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