Why telling stories is more important than ever

by Apr 22, 2020

As children we are encouraged to read. To be inquisitive and to want to find out more about things. And sometimes this continues as we grow up. But sometimes, sadly, life gets in the way and we forget how to be inquisitive and interested in other people. We forget how much we love listening to stories.

In today’s uncertain times, stories are arguably more important than ever. Faced with heightened levels of anxiety and challenge for all of us in many different ways, the good news stories sometimes seem few and far between but now is a great time to tell them. We feel heartened and emotional to hear about the good coming out of these unprecedented times: the people surviving against the odds; the amazing work of key workers putting their own concerns to the side to support and help others and those in their communities doing amazing, selfless work which for others is often a lifeline.

In business, telling your good news stories continues to be important. Every one of us is unique and has their own story to tell. Are you doing anything to support in your community? Have you changed how you are working to still be able to meet your customers’ needs? Are you managing to make your business work against the odds or have you heard of some great things that your customers or clients are doing in the fight against this pandemic? Tell people!

In today’s current climate sharing your good news or the small acts of human kindness that are happening in your industry and which buoy you up will also help others.

From a personal perspective too it can only help your business and who doesn’t need that at the moment? Research shows that a large part of why our customers and clients use us, is because of the relationships we form with them and sharing our stories is a huge part of that. Customers are buying into more than just the product or service that we offer. They are also buying into us, the people selling that product or service and with small businesses there’s no getting away from the fact that you are synonymous with your brand.

If you’re wondering how to do it, there are lots of approaches you can use from writing blogs to posting on your social media channels. Case studies are also a really useful way of sharing your story via your website and different channels. They provide useful content for journalists looking for stories to fill magazines or publications. Arguably a case study from a satisfied client or customer is even better. They can talk about their story: why they decided to use you; what problem or challenge you helped them to fix; the impact that your work has had on them and why they would recommend you to other people. They can talk about what you do or offer in an authentic way as they have used your products or services first-hand – there’s no better ambassador for what you do.

So continue to share what you’re doing, your successes and the ongoing great things that are still happening all around you. People will read it, people are interested and your story may just be the best thing that someone has read all day.

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